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  • Here is some fashion and beauty related content I wrote during my time ghostwriting for Middle Eastern Fashion Designer, Tamara Al Gabanni:

  • I have also written regular fashion blog posts for a Texas based online fashion boutique. You can find the blogs I wrote for Le Reve below:

  • I briefly worked on a freelance basis for Liverpool based interior design retailer, Elaine CunninghamFor Elaine I wrote the following blog posts, in addition to regular social media updates on her behalf:

      • Business and technology blog posts I have written for office space specialists, YSes and call centre specialists, Connex Solutions can be viewed on request.

      • One-off TV series feature I wrote for niche online magazine, Neon Nettle:

      • My online portfolio for discount voucher website, My Favourite Voucher Codes:

      • Throughout Summer 2013 I worked on a contracted basis for Steve Downes Ltd and Bench, assisting with separate ongoing e-commerce assignments. Product descriptions I have written to date for Get The Label and Bench are available on request.

      • I have also produced online product descriptions for lingerie e-retailer, Eye Candy Lingerie. Content is available on request.

      • During Summer 2013 I worked as the Managing Editor for Shoes and Drama - a hugely successful Middle Eastern fashion blog. In addition to writing features for the blog I regularly uploaded posts onto WordPress, proofread and edited all articles from other contributors, and worked with imagery and video media. My published content is available on request.

      • I have extensive experience working full-time as a creative copywriter for SearchQuest Europe Ltd -An SEO/internet marketing agency based in Lancaster. Writing samples are available on request.

              • I briefly freelanced for Clickwork Media and The Media Flow - leading digital marketing agencies both based in the UK. Take a look at some of the blogs I have written for their roster of clients below - ignore the false author names, these have been automatically computer generated:

                  • Further Fashion and Beauty related content:

                    • Guest posts I have sourced and written for Essex based internet marketing agency, Trafiki Ltd:
                    • Note that I have written lots more content for this client which is available to view on request.

                    For further details of my writing and editing experience to date, please feel free to drop me an email or check out my LinkedIn profile here.

                    Copyright © Dawn Wood 2017. All Rights Reserved. No part of this website or its content may be copied, reproduced or used for commercial use without my direct consent.

                    In Print:

                    Feature article I wrote for luxury lifestyle magazine, Cercle. To view my article on the history of Polo, click on this link and turn to page 108. Alternatively, you can view the article below:

                    Feature articles for PR1 Magazine - 'Style' Section 
                    (Two issues: February 24th 2012 and May 4th 2012)

                    University Journalism related projects:
                    'Show Off' Magazine (Student-led printed magazine)

                    Movie Review: The Boys are Back in Town for Expendables 2
                    By Dawn Wood

                    ‘Expendables 2’ sees Stallone’s unique round-up of badass action heroes return to their former glory for a second time round in this action-packed movie sequel.

                    Starring some serious cinema royalty including - Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Dolph Lundgren, Jet Li, Jason Statham, Chuck Norris, and ‘The Muscles from Brussels’ himself, aka Jean-Claude Van Damme, ‘Expendables 2’ boasts some epic acting talent from its selection of cast members.

                    And if these guys weren’t reason enough to go and see this fantastic movie, then there's always the old-school rock’n’roll soundtrack, dynamite explosions, macho fight scenes and stunt men a-plenty to keep you entertained.

                    In summary, if you like your movies with a lethal dose of muscles and bullets, ‘Expendables 2’ is the one for you. Think Die Hard, Rambo, The Terminator and Lethal Weapon. Now all you have to do is wait eagerly for the DVD release which is expected to be later in the year.

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