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Hi, I'm Dawn! A 30-something-year-old self-confessed Rocker Chic, Dance Addict, Charity Shop Lover, Fashion Promotion Alumni, Magazine Editor, Creative Copywriter and Blogger. 

Based in sunny Liverpool, UK.

I'm completely obsessed with buying far too many shoes & lipsticks, collecting fashion magazines, listening to rock & metal music, dancing all night long, surfing social media for cute Bulldog videos, hiking in the Lake District, wearing all things leopard print... oh, and did I mention my love for strong coffee?

The name of my blog, 'Paint Me Up' stems from a true love of colour and my constant desire to see life's adventures through a rainbow perspective. During Spring 2012, I decided to create a personal outlet for all of the creative thoughts that buzz through my head on a daily basis.

'Paint Me Up' is my visual diary to share with other creative people, with the hope of inspiring and influencing you along the way. 

My obsession with fashion, beauty and lifestyle, coupled with my life-long passion for writing is what drives and encourages me to keep on pursuing my goals... and life in the freelance lane.

I hope you enjoy reading and browsing what my blog has to offer... find the thing you love and make it your life.

With Love, Dawn xx

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