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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Make mine a Cherry Coke and tonic…

Hey bloggers! So sorry I’ve been unable to post lately, what with moving house and having interviews, things have been a bit manic… but hopefully this short and sweet post will make up for it. Thinking about all things sweet, they do say it’s about the little things in life that keep you smiling. With this in mind, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite products and packaging from the archive of American soft drink giants, Coca-Cola.

Being one of my favourite fizzy drinks (second to cream soda) not only does Coco-Cola taste deliciously addictive, but for me the brand represents nostalgia, inspiration, that iconic logo and more recently, it has been associated within the realms of fashion too, which is always a bonus!

Like many consumers, I’m a sucker for eye-catching marketing campaigns and like nothing more than finding interesting examples of packaging… my obsession started really when I began my Fashion Promotion course back in 2008, after my tutor mentioned to me that inspiration can be found almost anywhere! Since then, I have done alot of research into the Coca-Cola timeline and have learned just how much it is referenced in 20th and 21st Century advertising.

So here you have it, a selection of my favourite imagery served ice-cold and straight from the fridge… enjoy! :)

New 'Cherry Coke' Lip Smacker *

Classic Coca-Cola design money box *

Note: All images not taken by Myself except first two marked *

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