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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Latest Fashion Buys!

Hey Bloggers!

I hope you've all had a great week and that you celebrated the first day of Summer (yesterday) in style. There's definitely hints to it being Summer what with the constant humid weather, coffee shops bringing out iced drinks and retailers stocking lots of different brightly coloured beachwear items! For me Summer is not my favourite season but it does have its advantages, such as; being able to get away with wearing less make-up, leaving the house without a jacket and generally feeling happier with the smile-inducing weather :) So whether you're off on your jollies soon or like me, looking to start a new career path, Summer is all about general merriment and enjoying all of those little pleasures in life.

Speaking of little pleasures, I had a little nose around a foreign food market that Preston had on earlier today which was nice as they don't come here very often. I sampled some of Italy's finest delicacies and they were out of this world! I also had a browse around Topshop where I spotted lots of yummy looking jewellery items in the sale - here's what I bought...

A Taste of Italian Culture - An Assortment of Cakes, Croissants and Biscuits that were rich in flavour and worth every penny ;)

...With a side of Caramel Costa Light ;)
Sales Finds: White Leather Bow Hair Accessory, Lime Fragrance Travel Wipes and Lilac-Glittery Ankle Socks.
Sale Finds: Floral Fabric Charm Bracelets, Metallic Skull Nail Ring, Metallic Studded Bangle and Gold Costume Cross Earrings.
Sale Finds: Earring and Ear Cuff Assortment, lots of cute little Mustache Earrings and 'D' Initial Earrings :)
Sale Find: Large Gold Cross Necklace.
My Favourite Purchase of today!

Obligatory Manicure Shot ;) Barry M 'Peach Melba' Nail Paint with Barry M 'Lychee' Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint. Rimmel 'Rock Your Colour' Glitter Top Coat in 'Gold Disco' painted over fourth nail.
Neon and White Leopard Print Shoes I bought a few weeks ago in the H&M sales, worn with Jonathan Aston Lace Anklets.

Note: All images are taken by Myself (Dawn).


  1. Those pastries look delicious! What was in them? Loving the jewellery too :)
    Looking forward to your next post

  2. Aww thanks so much for your comments :) Yes they were sooo yummy but very expensive, haha! I tried the cappuccino, lemon and hazelnut croissants and the green sponge cake was mint flavoured :)Please feel free to follow me on Google Friend Connect if you have your own blog? :)

    Warm wishes,

    Dawn xx

  3. Wow! those rings look lush, i need to pop down to Topshop too :)
    Great blog ♥

  4. Thank you, glad you enjoyed my blog :) Please feel free to follow me on GFC and I will happily do the same for your blog :) I see you're new to blogging? Well done on creating one! :)

    Dawn xx


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