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Friday, 21 July 2017

Athleisure: NOT Just Another Fashion Trend

Written by Dawn Wood

Athleisure Trend - Dawn Wood - Freelance Copywriter

Move over prim and proper, it's time for athleisure to take charge of your smart-casual dress-code. While temperatures outside may be hotting up, nevertheless, fashion continues to hone in on the importance of comfort. July is all about creating a summer wardrobe that's stylish, accessible and wearable. But if the thought of shelving your favourite sweatshirts is making you anxious, not to worry ladies - the athleisure trend has got you covered from head to toe.

Imagine this... if sports and fashion had an offspring, athleisure would be the beautiful hybrid result. Think second-skin lycra leggings with bright graphic prints, slouchy jersey hoodies with modern mesh textures, black trainers with neon laces, oversized sweaters adorned with sporty slogans... the list goes on.

Athleisure Trend - Dawn Wood - Freelance Copywriter

Many of us are choosing to take charge of our health and fitness goals right now. Setting realistic life goals is always a good habit to get into, especially if you want to make exercise a regular lifestyle choice. If you've made joining the gym your number one priority, you've freed up more time to walk the dog, or even if it's something as simple as walking to work and back, there's endless exciting ways to keep moving this summer. And it's reassuring to know that even the smallest active changes can make a big difference to your well being.

When you choose fashion and comfort, this conjures the best of both worlds – you can go about your busy day and look fabulous while doing it!

Athleisure Trend - Dawn Wood - Freelance Copywriter

Let's face it though, no-frills sportswear starts to look a little drab when you're wearing it day in day out. So it's the fashion-meets-function element that really makes the athleisure trend so appealing. If you're the type of person who's always on the move, but you never leave home without a slick of lipstick and a stylish outfit to boot, athleisure pieces are your best friend!

Remember: your wardrobe should work for you come rain or shine, so there's no excuse not to look glam with so many trendy options available online, and on the high street today.

So how should we be channeling this super cool fashion look? Here are two versatile ways to get the athleisure look:

For Fitness

There's a new wave of fashion and lifestyle brands showcasing matching workout top and legging sets, and these are ideal to wear whenever you're hitting the gym. Athleisure clothing offers a wide selection of colours, prints, cuts and fits for everybody, so you can easily mix 'n' match an outfit to suit your fitness activity that day. Whether you're colour co-ordinating a water bottle and towel with your sports bra, or a long sleeve moisture wicking top with UV accents is your must-have outer layer for an evening run; the athleisure trend means you'll be spoiled for practical outfit choices any day of the week.

Athleisure Trend - Dawn Wood - Freelance Copywriter

Outside the Gym

Heading out for a health-kick smoothie straight after your workout? No problem. Go for a lightweight bomber jacket for your outerwear layer. Underneath, your base layer might be a cute crop top, or a slouchy tee if you feel like rocking your favourite sportswear brand.

Athleisure Trend - Dawn Wood - Freelance Copywriter

Athleisure prides itself on layering, so feel free to add or subtract pieces when you're heading outdoors.
Of course, make sure you're dressed for the occasion too. If you want to turn up the colour, include a few neon accents to complement any neutral or darker pieces in your outfit. Fluro soles and laces, yoga pants with striped accents and coloured waistbands work well, especially for hi-vis radar!

Not a fan of neon? Go for lycra leggings with just a few graphic sections on the legs to give your look a fashion-forward touch. An embroidered silk bomber or classic denim jacket are two other popular choices to throw over your casual tee for fun leisure and free time dates.

With athleisure upping the game for sportswear, and steering fashion towards comfort as well as aesthetics - this is one lifestyle trend that's relevant no matter what season is on your calendar.  

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