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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Autumn Additions: The Black Ravens - Gothic Jewellery Review

Hey Bloggers!

Long time no speak. First off, let me start by saying you have permission to slap me on the wrist for the distinct lack of content lately. Since my last post, a tortoise could have crossed the finish line by now, haha! ;) The good news? After my recent hiatus, the time away has inspired me with lots of exciting new post ideas to share with you all in the coming months - so watch this space, guys and gals.

Now that we've caught up, let's get into the zone about today's post shall we? It's a doozy and involves reviewing some GORGEOUS Gothic jewellery which I've added to my #autumn collection. 

I've recently had the pleasure of getting acquainted with an emerging brand that has since become my go-to for all things goth, punk and alternative, and I'm particularly fond of their amazing accessories. 

Let's start by introducing their brand name - I mean how cool does The Black Ravens sound? Pretty damn cool by my reckoning. Whether you're looking for a few spooky additions ready for #Halloween or you're in need of some affordable fashion buys to darken up your Autumn/Winter '18 Edit, The Black Ravens are the holy grail of online alt. retailers.

So without further adieu, here are the jewellery pieces I'm raving about this season (see what I did there?)

Black Triangle Choker Necklace 

Somewhere between a necklace-choker hybrid, this statement edition would definitely be my 'desert island' necklace. If I could only bring one jewellery item with me, this would be the main attraction. Not only does it come with a striking gem-embellished design that guarantees to collect compliments day or night, it also has a strong black rope which serves as the chain. Since I've always been a fan of black coloured jewellery, this piece offers a comfortable fit, a look that's aesthetically pleasing for any occasion, AND a triangular pendant that's 100% unique. So in terms of statement accessories, The Black Ravens have ticked all the right boxes while appealing to my inner goth chic.

Rose Gold and Black Single Band Ring

Next on my autumnal list of must-haves is this two-tone men's ring. Let's just address the sheer frustration of shopping for anything fashion related when you're a curvy gal! The majority of today's high street accessory brands don't offer XL-sized rings, so this minimalist piece is definitely a conversation starter for me. Sure, this is technically a guy's ring, but with the elegant rose gold band, who can tell, right? I find there's bucket-loads more variety once you branch out into the unisex (or men's) departments. What I LOVE about this ring - apart from its alternative look - is the fact that it's crafted from an authentic + solid Tungsten metal that stays scratch-free and won't tarnish. Anyone who knows me will know I never leave home without a fistful of rings to show off, and this single band will forever be ranked among my fave middle finger rings. There's no stacking required either as it's attractive enough to rock without other rings to distract the eye. 

Rose Gold Plated + Diamond Skull Stud Earrings

Image Credit: The Black Ravens

Three is the magic number, and these adorable skull earrings make a glistening gift for Halloween or Christmas! If you're after a pair of studs that are A) Not too small and B) Have instant Gothic appeal while still remaining pretty, these rose gold gems belong in your collection. I'm not one to follow the crowd when it comes to style, but unless you've been living under a rock you'll have noticed rose gold is EVERYWHERE right now: On our Instagram feeds, on the street style blogger round-up, at this year's #FashionWeek, and of course - emerging in full force on the high street at every opportunity. Love it or hate it, I personally cannot get enough of everything rose gold, so naturally, these earrings offer a luxe finishing touch that's right up my street. They also make the perfect fuss-free choice for those windy 'out and about' days while hustling from A to B.  

So there you have it: 3 key pieces from The Black Ravens which I can personally vouch for in terms of unique Gothic design, quality craftsmanship and affordability. Check out their website for up and coming pieces, then go and bag an accessories haul for yourself - you won't be disappointed! 

Thanks for reading, lovelies. ^^

Until next time,

Dawn xx  

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