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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Beauty Product Review: Dior 'Skin Flash Radiance Booster Pen'

Radiance Booster pen with samples of other Dior products, which I am yet to try!



Heya! How are you all this morn? My latest post looks at reviewing a new beauty product which I purchased just last week and could not wait to try out! 

Whilst shopping for a concealer pen, I wandered into Debenhams as I knew I wanted something with exceptional quality, therefore this would not be my usual high street beauty buy.

Walking into a department store for me is like walking into a candy store, there are so many yummy products to choose from. With this is mind, it's always handy to have a second opinion so that you don't end up buying the whole store! Cue Dior beauty consultant, Christine. 

Not only was Christine incredibly helpful in providing me with expert skincare tips, but she also persuaded me to try on Dior's 'Skin Flash Radiance booster pen' which I was very impressed with. With a complexion boosting, light-weight texture; after applying the product my skin instantly looked and felt fresher, more radiant and hydrated. The shade I chose was 'Rose glow' as I naturally have a pinker tone to my complexion, but there were many different shades for all skin types. 

If you are looking for a product that will cover blemishes, then this pen probably is not the best for that, but it is ideal for reducing fatigue, smoothing out lines and illuminating the face which is what I wanted. What's great is that you can wear this either on bare skin, over or under foundation and you will see the benefits however you wear it. Encased within a sleek, black velvet sleeve to add that little touch of Dior glamour and priced at £26, this is a quality beauty investment that will give you great results in an instant. 

Note: All images taken by Myself (Dawn) except images with * (captioned underneath).

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