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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Pretty in Pink...



Although my favourite colour has to be red, lately I have been seeing alot of fuschia pinks; on the catwalks, on the high street, in the magazines and of course, on the various fashion blogs I read through daily! Fuschia pink is definitely one of the most delicious shades of the colour spectrum and is perfect for summer. 

Whilst I was at uni last year, I stumbled across a fantastic blogger/photographer, Nichole Robertson. Nichole also recently became an author as she has had a picture book published. I cannot wait to buy this... certainly one for the wish list! I just love her use of colour, themes and picture-esque locations, they are so uplifting - all images are taken in Paris, where she lives. 

A link to Nichole's blog can be found here:

So with vibrant colour in mind, here I have captured my own version of 'The Paris Colour Project'  with some snaps of me wearing various 'pink' items, and I have arranged them as a visual mood board which I can look back on, taking inspiration from Nichole's 'Little Brown Pen' blog.

What colours are you crazy about?

Note: All images taken by Myself (Dawn) except images with * (captioned underneath).

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