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Monday, 24 December 2012

My Christmas Wishlist - The Top 5.

1) Job with a leading Fashion Magazine

2) All I want for Christmas is a cute lil' Bulldog

3) A long overdue trip to Paris

4) A gorgeous pair of Black Patent Louboutin Stilettos

5) A treadmill to have at home

Merry Christmas Bloggers! 

Note: All images not my own.


  1. You have a lovely blog, with some great pictures! Happy New Year hun, I hope it brings you everything you wish and more. It would be super cool if you could check out my blog and maybe we could follow each other?

  2. Hope you had a nice christmas!!You have a lovely and informative blog . Happy new year to you, it would be great if you could come and check out my blog and maybe we could follow each other.


  3. Hey Aimee! Thanks so much for your lovely comments hunni, I really appreciate them :) Your blog is fantastic too, I can see you're very passionate about fashion, that's great, keep up the good work :) Also, please feel free to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and GFC as I have done for you hehe! A very happy new year to you too!

    Dawn xx


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