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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Style Crush: Paloma Faith

Hello bloggers! This morning I wanted to talk about my biggest girl crush of the moment, rising star Paloma Faith.

I'm all for new talent, whether it's in the music bizz, on the cinema or in the fashion world, if there's individual style to be spotted, I'm sure to pick up on it. 

With this in mind, whilst flicking through my latest issue of Company mag it was brought to my attention that Paloma Faith does in fact deserve a blog post dedicated to her own unique sense of style.

These days fashion is everywhere and it's ever changing so it can be difficult to really do something different, but what I love about Paloma apart from her soulful vocals, is that she dresses for herself... she knows what suits her and isn't afraid to break the mold.

With her flame red locks, trademark red pout and kitsch 50's style wardrobe, it's no wonder she is often seen mingling at the hottest fashion shows.

Mixing classic hollywood glamour with more contemporary novelty pieces, Paloma Faith is my inspiration for all things bright and beautiful this christmas... 

Note: All images are not my own.

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