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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Hey bloggers, 

Long time no see! My apologies for the lack of posts (yes, almost 2 months is shameful!) sometimes work commitments can leave little time to do other things in life... like blogging :) but I'm digressing...

Ok, so I know it's not quite Easter Sunday yet but who doesn't love a good Easter blog post? :) Easter for me is all about feeling creative, eating lots of chocolate treats and most importantly, spending some quality time with those important to me.... as you can tell, I'm all about seasonal sentiments hehe!

This year I've already bought myself an After Eight dark chocolate Easter egg, just in case nobody remembers to buy me one. I'm trying to cut back on the serial chocolate eating lately which is difficult I have to say, but for those who are chocoholics, Easter is the perfect time to indulge.

So in light of the upcoming Easter weekend, here I've collected some of my favourite Easter themed imagery to inspire you. I've devised categories into; confectionery, fashion and beauty and arts & crafts... Enjoy!



Fashion and Beauty 


Arts and Crafts

Note: Only images marked with * are taken by Myself (Dawn)

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