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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Purple Rain...

Hey Bloggers!

Long time no see ;) Hope you've all been keeping as busy as I have lately? This morning's post is inspired by two things: 1. One of the new season's most uplifting shades, Purple. 2. The legend that is of course, Prince.

For those who are wondering how the 2 link together and who may not be huge Prince fans, it was actually revealed at last week's BRIT Awards that he would be performing a 'secret' gig in Manchester. I was so gutted that I couldn't go! But needless to say, his classic hit 'Purple Rain' along with my new American Apparel 'Violet Panache' Nail Polish are making up for that fact whilst keeping me inspired.

I always get super excited when the new season's fashion and beauty colours arrive. In this case I'm all about purple tones at the moment. Not only are darker hues a sultry alternative to black, but if worn in pastel, this is about as Spring-friendly as it gets. Take my American Apparel Nail Polish for example. This is a rich, metallic shade with subtle hints of glitter thrown in for good measure. So if you don't have time for nail art, this is a great alternative as you're getting colour, gloss and glitter all from one polish. :) Take a look at the colour below and let me know your thoughts? Also, what are your must-have colours for Spring 2014?

Midi Rings: Accessorize, Nail Polish: American Apparel Metallic Polish in 'Violet Panache'.

Note: All images taken by Myself (Dawn)

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