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Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Art of the Ankle

For me the ankle has always been one of my favourite body parts to decorate not just with jewellery, but with beautiful shoes as well. There are so many ways to customize our own look these days and emphasizing certain attributes only adds to the fun of dressing up as a feminine, fashion-conscious woman. 

When shopping for stilettos I tend to try and look for the whole package: a steady platform that is pretty comfortable to walk in, a quirky design or embellishment, and an ankle strap wherever possible. Stilettos can be your best friend if you choose a pair that has decent ankle support. After all, the last thing anybody wants is a strain after only a couple of hours walking around in that new pair of shoes! Chiropody foam also works wonders for providing additional comfort to arched feet.

Sometimes I like to customize my stiletto collection by adding a D.I.Y strap onto a pair that doesn't already have any. A simple how-to tutorial is all that is required if you have a favourite pair of heels that needs some extra support.

Making a bold footwear statement has always been one of the most appealing things about fashion, and I love nothing more than eyeing up new lines on the likes of Shoespie, Dr. Martens and ASOS. Flats are equally as 'out there' as heels though, which is why I spend a lot of my time wearing boots, pumps and smart shoes in addition to stilettos.

Note: Images are not my own.

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