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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Tidbits - A/W '14

Hey Bloggers,

How are we all enjoying Autumn '14 so far?? Here is a selection of fashion, beauty and lifestyle snapshots taken over the past couple of months. As always, I like to document my musings, purchases and trips in visual form, especially as autumn is my all-time favourite season... that and I don't have an Instagram account! ;) Feel free to leave any comments below - which pictures do you like? Also, I would love to read your autumn related blogs, so you're more than welcome to share those too.

Scenery/Street Art

Beautiful Sunset - Docklands, Preston.

'The Butterfly Effect' - Serpentine Wood, Kendal.

Cute Bee Graffiti Art I spotted just around the corner from my sister's apartment - Manchester. :) 


You can't beat a smooth Viennese coffee topped with whipped cream during the chillier months!

Flexing my photography skills in Starbucks ;)


Killer heels, London Calling printed socks, tartan leggings and vintage pinstripe pencil skirt.

This tee has been worn to death - I LOVE its faded font and simplicity!

Nude stiletto pumps, black lace anklets, monochrome leggings and embellished pencil skirt.


Orly pristine white manicure with leopard print nail decal detailing.

Orly green manicure worn with my 'go-to' black accessories. 

Autumn Beauty Essentials

Autumn wouldn't be autumn without a statement red lip!

Novelty lip balm with a fresh cucumber/mint scent - gift from my Twinny. :)

I always keep some Nivea lip care goodies in my travel make-up kit. I'm using the luscious watermelon balm at the mo - it has a natural pink sheen which acts as a good lipstick base, and the scent is out of this world!

From L-R: Lilac Hair Chalk, Rimmel 'Brit Manicure' Polish in Ivory Tower, Rimmel 'Velvet Matte' Polish in Sumptuous Red, Baby Pink Hair Chalk.


Shay & Blue 'Sicilian Limes' Perfume - officially my new favourite scent!

Note: All Images taken by Myself (Dawn)

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