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Saturday, 2 August 2014

Monochrome Bliss

When it comes to shopping for my love of monochrome, it's safe to say that all logic goes out of the window financially! There's an element to this classic pairing of black and white that just takes my breath away, and it's such a versatile trend. Monochrome is a fashionable look that can be worked all year round, making it stylish to wear in summer AND winter. 

So I've recently been hitting the sales in River Island in search of some wardrobe updates, and I just couldn't resist these chunky black and white ankle boots! Not only were they a bargain on their original price, but they are also incredibly comfortable to wear if you're looking for footwear with some height, but don't want anything that's too elevated. These boots are fantastic to wear in all weather conditions too - I have been wearing mine with footie socks in the hot weather (note the breathable hole in the side of the boot's design), as well as wearing them in the rain (my birthday jaunt around the Lake District yesterday was living proof of this.)

Finally, let's not overlook the sheer attitude these boots add to an outfit! Their striking thick white sole contrasted with a black leather upper, buckle to the sides and zipper to the back scream, 'don't mess with me!' By far the best footwear purchase I've bought this season. 

If you want to read some more of my thoughts on the monochrome trend for summer, and maybe even pick up some styling tips in the process, feel free to have a browse of my article over on Le Reve's blog - you never know, you might just learn a trick or two. 

Thanks for reading! :)

Note: All images taken by Myself (Dawn)

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